NSCN (R) says Assam Rifles engaging in operations against group

Dimapur, March 29 (EMN): The NSCN (Reformation) has lamented that the Assam Rifles are engaged in operations against the faction in Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur “killing many unsuspecting Naga army for awards and accolades.”

The ‘secretary, ministry of information and publicity’ of the NSCN (Reformation) issued a press release on Tuesday.

‘We have seen not much difference in the attitudes of the security forces. Their words and action remains miles apart. The Home Minister and his deputy has on numerous occasions appealed to all armed groups to abjure violence and accept a negotiated settlement,’ the group stated.

“Unfortunately, it is the forces under them, who would not leave a single opportunity to kill, apprehend and frame false charges to make their wrong doings appear right in the eyes of the law,” the press release stated.

“NSCN (R) is not a violent organisation and is officially at ceasefire with the GOI in the state of Nagaland yet the Assam Rifles choose to operate surgically, targeting only the NSCN(R) among many other groups operating in the Naga areas of Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur killing many unsuspecting Naga Army for awards and accolades.”

Further, the organisation said this has “raised a serious question mark on the sincerity of the GOI to resolve the long pending Indo-Naga issue.”

The government of India “must know” that “we accepted ceasefire to promote peace and bring an early solution to the Indo-Naga imbroglio. NSCN (R) is a responsible organisation and we will explore all possible option to defend the rights of the Nagas if anti-Naga and anti-peace activities of the Assam Rifles continues unabated.”

The Indian government must restrain the Assam Rifles “immediately from provoking further and complicating the Indo-Naga issue,” the press release stated.

“Their action will not serve any purpose except, if not for leaving a negative trail on the images of the GOI.”


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