Three NSCN (K) operatives apprehended in Arunachal Pradesh

Three suspected operatives of banned insurgent group NSCN (K) have been apprehended and arms and ammunition seized by the police from the Lower Dibang Valley district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Officials said the three were apprehended after a special operation was conducted by the police few days back.

Superintendent of Police (Roing) S K Kain said they have apprehended Dagar Peme (30), Obang Lgo (36) and Bobel Lego (32) after an operation was conducted in the Kalapani area of Dambuk in the said district.

A senior officer said the forces recovered an automatic rifle, a loaded magazine, 25 bullets of AK series assault rifle from the “underground extortionists of the NSCN (K)”.
(This story has not been edited by Business Standard staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)


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