Minor KCP cadre apprehended by security forces

Dimapur, March 9 (EMN): Security forces have apprehended a minor, 17-year old, stated to be a cadre of a Manipur-based militant group. The PIB (defence), Kohima, issued a press release to the media on Thursday stating that the “Khonsa Battalion” under the aegis of “DAO division” conducted a successful operation in Kunsa village on March 7.
The minor boy was a self styled “private” of the KCP, the security force stated. He was apprehended based on specific intelligence about presence of a cadre at Kunsa village “trying to infiltrate into Indian territory from Myanmar.” The press release stated: “Post spot interrogation he admitted allegiance to KCP, he further divulged that he has been with the banned outfit since July 2016 and was undergoing basic training at Langkhaw camp. He further admitted to being forcibly recruited by the banned outfit which highlights the evil of forced recruitment carried out by these factions where the youth are forced and threatened into joining these terrorist groups crushing their dreams and further prospects.”
The parents of the boy are said to have filed an FIR at Lamlai in Manipur after he was forcibly taken by the KCP.


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