Manipur elections why not fairly operated by Indian gov.

Manipur states is a border states between India and Burma states, But when questions Azad Hind the Manipur territory under the Azad hind governments without Indian political matters. Because the Indian political party and central government created two way all-time. Number one refuses Azad Hind territory bye Indian Air force and army. Others side selections (not elections) a chief ministers without Manipur peoples law. And Manipur under the Indian military the army all time operate arms and rape Manipuri women and murder innocent’s peoples. When end of the world war two the Manipur not under British territory   act. Manipur was ‘BOSTI’act under azad hind fouj .than Manipur Ignore Indian political party constitutions, but Indian leaders and party all-time misuse arms and killed Innocents peoples. The Indian courts are not legal partner’s f Manipur peoples.   Because Azad hind courts act already empowers at Manipur but the Indian constitutions act by forcedly update goi without Manipur peoples and Manipur traditions all-time destroyed .some of politician under Indian party act who love money and chair and all-time update curfew under arms act and destroyed Manipuri unity .and accepted divided and rules policy . The Manipuri peoples protested it and the army killed school students to house wife. Others side the Revolutions of Manipur update  a hues militants group who supports by a trust and neabur   states with a parts of Burma . And 2003 to 2013 the Indian army killed hues Militants and   Revolutions peoples.  After 2015 the Manipur revolutions militants army accepted bosses  (AZAD HIND )policy and declared arms fights against Indian states policy. They destroyed 550 army and his supporters and others side Indian gov ban 5 years them  and fighting’s continue and  arrested 5000 Manipur revolutions peoples and  killed 2000 supporters and 400 militants . And declared hues money prize 3 lakes to 10 lacks per head militants. But militants not fear they are fighting’s still . day.

Indian politician declared elections and divided   Manipur states district but Manipuri Revolutionary peoples declared financial   block the main road nov1 to publishing date. And killed Manipur police. Army. And ate med to murders  states  chief’s ministers and killed poling party agent and elections officers by bomb. And a part of militants waiting for is arms  without selections and elections gov.images (27)


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